The cost of Entrepreneurship!

Almost everyday we see news, blogs flooding with startup news, funding news. Glorification of entrepreneurs have become a norm nowadays and even normal people have started to see them as some kind of demigods. Yet nobody talks about what goes in building a company.

When funding comes easy and everyone talks in dreams, people start to think of entrepreneurship as a defacto solution to all the existing problems in humanity. Soon myth becomes history and history becomes reality. And the loop continues.

But in reality, there lot that goes behind the scenes. The ones which never gets published, the ones which are tangibly real. The ones which brings out the entrepreneur in an average person(no one is born an entrepreneur). This article is dedicated to all those challenges & issues that goes into building a company, a real company right from scratch without any form of life support.

So let’s start with the things I have lost in the process of starting up

  1. Family — What family are we talking about, when we are working 16 hours a day, everyday, each month, every year. Family needs time and that’s “my precious” which we hold so dear to build our companies.
  2. Friends — Did you say friends? What? For real? Can’t believe you man. Friends need time for socializing and time(do i have to repeat it again?).
  3. Relationships — You are fucking out of your mind. Gf’s and Relationships when you are starting up is a myth and the sooner you accept this as myth, the better.
  4. Wealth — That’s obvious right? There are no free lunches in this world.
  5. Health — 16 hours a day of work without the facilities of Elon Musk, health, oh dear you took my time.
  6. Any form of social life — Movies, Pubs, Lounges, Get together’s. Really man, are we going to talk about this. No money, no time = no social life.
  7. Personal sanity(to some extent) — What sanity? We are entrepreneurs dude, we don’t need sanity. If we were sane then what’s the point in starting up? Let’s park this issue.

And the list of things I have gained in the process of starting up

  1. Knowledge — Yo man! Knowledge is the key to human existence and we have stepped up the benchmark of soaking knowledge and applying it.
  2. Perseverance — Boring is beautiful. Stick with it for long, and the scene will leave you in awe.
  3. Discipline — Wake up, work, eat, sleep. Repeat. Keep spinning the wheel.
  4. Attitude towards life — Change is the permanent constant in life and building a company changes everything.
  5. Personality & Communication — Communicate, Communicate effectively, Communicate efficiently. Starting up? Learn communicating.
  6. Team building skills — Was it really a surprise? The hunter builds a program, a family builds a product, the tribe builds a startup, the village builds a small sized company, the city builds a mid sized company and the country builds a real company built to last centuries.
  7. Hardcore problem solving skills — We eat, drink, and sleep hard problems for our daily routine. Without problems we are personnels without agenda.
  8. Understanding the real value of time — Either you save time, or money. You cannot save both. Money is abundant, time isn’t. Save time.
  9. Much more to come — Did I say over? Huh! Just the beginning man. More work to do, more awesomeness to come and more things to lose(gain).

At the end of the day —

Nothing worthwhile come easy.

Everything is life is attached with a cost function{f(x)} which has a certain output. And one cannot think of entrepreneurship as a free pass to leading a comfortable life. Anything worthwhile has a cost attached and if you are willing to pay this cost, take the jump. Take the leap of faith, you may or you might not succeed but the experience you gain will be your stories which you will tell to your grandchildren.

If you don’t want to pay the cost then yet want to be an entrepreneur, then ….