What Gen Tej Kaul means by misguided Indian youth

War veteran Maj Gen TK Kaul deals with the issue of shortage of officers in the Indian Army in a straight forward manner. According to him, the youth of modern India neither lacks leadership qualities nor patriotism; what they lack is proper guidance.

Besides lesser youths joining it, the Army is also rapidly losing its existing force to premature retirement. The glossy corporate world is luring its men away.

One vital fact that instantly makes any Indian proud is that its 1.13-million strong Army is considered as world’s fourth largest. But the fact that it faces a dearth of officers, who could lead such vast spread of battalions, worries one equally fast. Figures last confirmed say that the Army has 35,377 officers as against the sanctioned strength of 46,615 officers.

Although these figures are the ones revealed almost six years ago, most Army veterans believe that the fact about the country being in one of the top spots still remain true.

Well, Gen Tej Kaul has raised an important issue in very few words. All his life, he has worked to create awareness through words and deeds about the glory of Indian armed forces. During the 40 years of his illustrious career, he excelled constantly and deservedly received some of the highest national honors — the Vishisht Seva Medal, Ati Vishisht Seva Medal, and Param Vishisht Seva Medal for his distinguished services.

After retirement too, the soldier in him did not let him just sit and enjoy the Army perks. His unceasing efforts in bringing about several rounds of talks and events through India Pakistan Soldiers Initiative for Peace (IPSI) have given hope to many leaders on both sides of the line. He is now the Executive President of IPSI. He is also the Principal Trustee & Head-Clinical Governance, Centre for Obesity & Diabetes Surgery, Mumbai.

Maj Gen TK Kaul’s energy levels in taking up crucial responsibilities and living up to them are unmatched. His peers are amazed at the number of eminent positions he holds with ease and zeal even after four decades of tough military service. The key positions he holds range from corporate to government departments, to religious institutions such as OTC Exchange of India, Maharashtra Disaster Management Authority, Suraj Diamonds & Jewellery Ltd, and Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan. He is the patron of Snehbhandhan Foundation, Kashyap Trust, Kashmiri Samiti, Mumbai, and Centre for Obesity & Surgery Support. He is also the Advisor to ECOVIS India, Mumbai, and Hon Secretary of Bombay Management Association.

A highly seasoned manager and strategist, Maj Gen Tej Kaul soon realized that he needs a team to continue his mission for a longer time. Therefore, besides his continuous efforts to awaken the society though speeches and relentless social work, he created the Tricolor Consultants Private Ltd, a platform that guides ex-servicemen in post retirement careers. Through this, he cleverly extends up to them an opportunity to join him in his noble work.

His patriotic heart was hurt with the fact that youths today are joining the Army as a last resort. The reasons he discovered were many. Only a few of them were real. Remaining, he always felt, were blown out of proportion by those who didn’t have the courage to take up the disciplined and dedicated lifestyle of an Army man, but didn’t want to admit.

Ever since he retired and became a civilian, he made it his life’s mission to remove the misconceptions to guide the youth towards the noble path of serving the country in the real sense.

And Gen Tej Kaul’s mission continues.

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