Game of Throne Season 8 Predictions

Well if the Game of Throne producers change the script, its not my fault. But I am relatively sure about the chain of events. I will just state the important fact points.

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  1. Daenerys Targaryen is going die due to a betrayal by Tyrion Lannister. (The other option is Jon Snow, but I really can’t imagine how he would betray her but I am fairly sure that the writers are not that gutsy to pull it off)
  2. I don’t know how Tyrion is going to betray her but Samwell Tarly will play a part in the death of Daenerys. Tyrion is going to tell him that his father and brother were killed by Dany and Samwell will probably play a part in the second last episode of the finale to kill Dany.
  3. Samwell Tarly and Tyrion are going to trick Jon Snow into killing Daenerys. Jon Snow will kill her with no intention of doing so. It will be some devilish trick panned out by these two men.
  4. Jon Snow is going to execute Samwell Tarly for the death of Dany.
  5. Cersei is not pregnant. Its a ruse, she is using to win the loyalty of her brothers Jaime and Tyrion. She knows Jaime will never let her die for his son and Tyrion values family above everything else. And he won’t let her die too. In fact Tyrion’s motivation to kill Dany will be fueled from his brotherly instinct to save Lannister blood in the womb of Cersei.
  6. Tyrion will kill Cersei, when he realizes that he has been tricked by Cersei to kill Dany believing Cersei is expecting Jaime’s child.
  7. Sandor Clegane and Briene of Tarth will kill The Mountain. But Sandor will die, saving Briene from a death blow.
  8. Arya or Briene of Tarth will kill Jaime Lannister on the words of Bran. This death would further influence Tyrion to go against Dany and Jon Snow.
  9. Theon will kill Euron Greyjoy.
  10. In the final battle, Jon Snow will ride out to battle on Drogon.
  11. Jon Snow will finally covet the Iron Throne.
  12. Jorah Mormont will die saving Dany in the first or second episode from an assassin’s arrow.This assassin would turn out to be a powerful Lord.
  13. Sansa would oppose the execution of this Lord by Jon Snow. And would plead with him not repeat the mistakes committed by Robb Stark.
  14. The show will end with Jon Snow coveting the Iron Throne and the execution of Tyrion.

These are the major plot points I am fairly sure of — will post the others in some time. There are just some sequence of events I am grappling with. I am quite sure this is how things will play out. Dany will defeat Cersei in battle but in the dungeon, Tyrion seeing her pregnant sister rotting will have a change of heart and set into motion the plan to kill Dany. Moreover Dany can’t have an heir to her throne but Cersei is bearing Lannister blood.

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