What will be Euron’s Gift to Cersei?

I am not going to write much about this. But when they finally meet. Cersei will be severely impaired if Jon Snow and Danny are together, so to even the odds she needs something to fight a them on an even foot. And that is where Euron Greyjoy will come in. No — he is not going to bring anyone’s head back. He doesn’t have the resources to do so. He will bring back something more valuable.

Dragon Horn

Euron Greyjoy will bring a dragonhorn for Cersei. With which she can control dragons. I think the Dragonhorn is good enough to control one dragon, which would turn against Danny in the heat of the battle. She would defeat one with the other mounted on his steed. But would later perish. This would even the stakes in the final battle. But there is a catch to this also. Whoever sounds the horn has to pay with his/her death so it is less than likely Cersei would sound it or would she? And Danny and she would dies together leaving Jon to be the king.

He will get a Dragonhorn for her

I am posting a link on how Euron Greyjoy got the dragonhorn. It is alluded to in The Feast of Crows and it is more than likely he is meaning that.

The Dragonbinder,[1] also called the hellhorn,[2] is a large dragon horn with Valyrian glyphs written upon it. The horn is six feet (1,83 meters) long. It is made from the horn of what must have been an enormous dragon. It has a black gleam, and is banded with red gold and Valyrian steel. When touched the horn feels warm and smooth. Its surface is shiny and reflective, though the reflection depicted is somehow twisted. The bands of the horn are covered by strange writings, Valyrian glyphs. When the horn sounds, the glyphs glow red-hot and then white-hot.

Well that’s it — remember who told you first. This is not a spoiler but a prediction.