Banka Mulk — Lokender Verma (Loki) | Himachali Folk Song

Banka Mulk — Lokender Verma (Loki) | Himachali Folk Song

Banka Mulk — This is a song that was released just a few weeks ago, it is about the state of Himachal Pradesh. It tells us about Himachal Pradesh and also introduces you with the most famous and very charming places within Himachal Pradesh.

Loki Verma

When I listen to the song it brings joy to my soul as this song represents the state of Himachal, it also keeps us engaged. Listening to the song will bring you back to your hometown to whoever misses their home sweet home. The music video is captured in such a way that it reminds us of every essence of Himachal Pradesh.

Places that are covered in this music video is really very amazing and to visit. We highly recommend you to visit these places. Places that are included in the songs are given below:

  • Chamba and Khajjiar (Minjar mela),
  • Kinnaur,
  • Kotgarh,
  • Kullu,
  • Lahaul Spiti,
  • Manali,
  • Mandi,
  • Pangi Valley,
  • Renuka Lake,
  • Shimla (The Jakhu Temple).

In the song, a singer is expressing the beauty of places of Himachal Pradesh with its village culture and festivals. e.g. Grains of Una, Apple Orchards, Temples etc.

Himalayan Routes

This Himachali folk song “Banka Mulk” is one of the best songs to listen to as this kind of folk music is very rare in today’s music industry. The total views of the song has reached 1,00,000 with the help of the fans all over India which is amazing.

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Lokender Verma (Loki) is the founder of Himalayan Routes. This band is famous all over India and abroad.