How to develop your own mobile app!

Do you have a great idea for a mobile app?

As the world is going to be flourishing with app ecosystem, it is a very ideal time to transform your idea into reality . With a proper planning and guide, even an inexperienced individual without too much knowledge of coding can successfully develop an mobile app.

Now let’s get discuss the four steps that will take in mobile app development idea to an in-market product.

Before this we have to know about what is MVP ? MVP stands for “Minimum Viable Product” defined as the early version of a mobile apps or a product that contains only the necessary features and services that is sufficient to provide services as per the user’s requirements.

Step : 1 Identify the problem

Before starting the mobile app development process, the best mobile app development company in gurgaon, Trancisco labs recommends you that the first and the most important thing is to identify the main problem that is need to be mitigate in our app. We don’t have to worry about the particular specific elements of our mobile app such as its minor design details, but we should have to focus on the issue on which your app is really based for which it is here to fix . We need to focus on the problem, so please don’t try to jump immediately to determine the solution.

What to do when some other mobile apps already working on same idea??

Don’t let other competitors to discourage yourself !! because “competitions always shows that there is a market in there for your product”. As we know that many peoples have the same and they are working on the same idea. We see that there are many companies that are working on the same idea. The only thing that make your idea to distinguish from others is only have focus only your targeted audience by providing them best features than others in your mobile app.

So don’t worry about that you are late with your idea , just try to take the benefits of second mover advantage. We can take many advantages from the other similar ideas like we can easily learn many things like their successes and failures and can adapt it to our own apps.

Step : 2 Determining the solution for the problem

After successfully defined the problem that your app will need to be solve,

Now it’s time to start formulating your solution. The first version of your app need to be very perfect that provides you the better feedback on your capabilities.

We need to have the help of most experts to find the best solution , We recommends for the best mobile app development, Trancisco labs that provides the best expertise in transforming your ideas to first solution.

Working with an app development company will provide you with best expert insight and experience.

Step : 3 Now it’s time to build the first version of your app

Now it’s time to build your first version of the app and get it to market quickly. It’s very important at this point to build and launch a Minimum Viable Product having high quality standard.

Create a Feature Set:

Whether you are building your app yourself, or with a development company, you should have need to create a feature set. A feature set is a wr document that listed the specifications of an app, including the design of the product and a description of all the technologies that we have need. It helps in making easier to communicate your product vision with team members, developers, and investors, and also works as a blueprint throughout the process of building the app.

Create a wireframe:

At this point, we start imagining the physical features of our app. Best way is to try to draw out each screen of product from start to end, and think about all the experiences that you want your users to have. While going through this don’t get carried away envisioning unnecessary elements.

It’s time to talk about coding.


When it comes to coding for mobile app development process, you always have three options: either hire an app development company to build product, or creating own design and development team, or you can build the app yourself.

Hiring an app development company to build your app is the best deal. Because of their experience, a reputable development agency always delivers a high-quality app in a very short period of time.

Another way is putting together a team of designers and developers is an approach to building your app but sometimes it is often time-consuming and expensive.

Develop a first version app on your own is also a good choice, however doing so requires having full knowledge of development ,and a lot of time.

Step : 4 Feedbacks and Rebuild your app on that.

It is the last and most important phase of your app development process where you have to get the reviews from the users and add the services and the features as per the user requirements.