Happy Birthday Tripnary!

It’s one year since we launched Tripnary and, oh boy, has it grown up! It feels like we are living the dream right? #startup #tech #california. But the fact is, we are also living in a time when unicorns are the new normal. Million users are the new benchmarks. And raising millions is viewed as success. In hindsight, there are many lessons we learned and wish we could have done a few things differently. Today I take pride in three things that helped us stay grounded and create the world’s best travel search app.

#1 We focus on retention more than growth. This is contrary to common wisdom. In B2C, growth is hard work — from fully leveraging connections to launching expensive marketing campaigns. Before we use up all our cards, we want to be confident that users will stick around. So we remain focused on ensuring we can hold on to those first time users before getting more and losing them.

#2 We fueled enough for the next milestone. When it comes to raising money, we got it done and quickly. Otherwise, it’s a huge distraction for the team. After all, the best part of the journey is driving through the peaks and valleys. We didn’t want to be spending all our time circling gas stations. At the same time, we don’t want to carry extra gas because accidently we might take the wrong path and not even realize it till it’s very late to get back on track.

#3 We embrace our competitors. When we launched Tripnary, we believed that we were on to a very unique idea. Soon we started to see competition grow. If you are building something great, others will want a piece of it. That in itself is a huge validation of your work. And a rising tide lifts all boats. When you are trying to change over a decade of travel search paradigm, it helps to have more hands on the wheel.

We are proud of each and every Tripnary team member for burning the midnight oil, focusing on the goals, and staying strong and resilient. There will be many speed bumps ahead and we will get through them together as a team. But I am excited that we are on to a great start. Watch out for Tripnary 2.0 — coming soon!

Happy birthday Tripnary!

Originally published at www.tripnary.com on November 20, 2016.

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