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Today, we are releasing the first and the easiest way to find airfares inside Slack. Why search for flights inside Slack? Glad you asked. One, you are already spending all your day collaborating with your team on it. Second, it’s a huge time saver because you can talk to it naturally and it’s amazingly flexible. And third, it’s just the right thing to do 😄

So, if you planning to meet a current/potential client, or going for a conference, or networking with investors, or simply just wanderlusting, add Tripnary to your Slack team and easily find cheapest flights to get anywhere!

How it works?

Add Tripnary to Slack and just say /tripnary to get started. These are a small selection of messages you can send to Tripnary. We scan millions of flights from our travel partner Skyscanner to bring you the latest fares.

Don’t know where to go but have a budget in mind? Try

/tripnary find flights from NYC leaving on 4/8 under $200
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Looking for the cheapest tickets to a destination? Say

/tripnary find flights from NYC to AUS leaving 4/8
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These are just some of the messages Tripnary understands. If you have either a budget, date, or destination in mind, Tripnary can find you the cheapest fares for it. It’s totally flexible! In addition to the phrases above, Tripnary for Slack also understands natural language inputs. So for example, you could say something totally ridiculous like…

/tripnary be a good boy and get me a flight from CHI to anywhere I don’t care

…and still get a response 😃

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And, if you are looking to search for flights privately, just send a direct message to the ‘slackbot’ user, so only you will see the results.

What’s next?

We are working on making Tripnary for Slack more sophisticated like supporting more natural language queries. We will soon let you search for hotels as well.

Hope you enjoy using Tripnary. We are super excited to hear your feedback.

Originally published at on March 9, 2016.

Written by

Product Leader @Udemy @Samsung, Founder @Tripnary. Tech + travel geek.

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