How to Build a Career in Tech Without a CS Degree
Eli Kastelein

Hi Eli and All others who are reading this — I do not have a story like Eli. I am not 2014 school or college graduate or dropout..

I have been working in IT/Tech company from last 13 years.. but I was always a test engineer, not even automation test engineer.

Now, within organization I moved to different product and because the only knowledge I had of my previous product, I am in a situation. I do not have programming skills which I can apply in the new product. I will take probably 1 year to become as experienced as my peers in this product. So basically it is like starting from the scratch all over again. What I believe is that I must invest in technical skills so that I remain employable within my organization as well as other organizations.

So, my queries are:

  1. I have basic knowledge of programming in java. I have good concepts of OOPs and generally applying logic in algorithms. I took Android Apps training in Udacity also. I took AWS Essentials training in CBT nuggets etc. Being a 37 Year old(with a full time job and family to look after) Can I invest in 6–7 month long program like nano degree? Remember: I do not have working experience to show in my CV.
  2. I understand just by going through a nano degree I may not be able to compete overnight with other developers having 10 years of coding experience, but I am ready to (re)start at a lower level also, IF it is worth in long term. Worth means — in longer run I stay employable and able to apply for development, coding, or even SDET kind of roles. What is your opinion about it?


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