I remember one day when I scored a “lead” (a complete stranger I called was indeed interested in learning more about low mortgage rates! They wanted to set up a meeting with my boss! Wow, really? Did I do that?), I was incredibly proud of myself and since most of the other interns had not progressed that far yet beyond many no’s and being hung up on from time to time.
27 lessons learned in 27 years — part 1
Melissa Tsang

Exactly the same story word for word and I was selling something similarly unsexy. I personally did not enjoy the job as much,

However I was taking it as a learning curve, I was thinking nothing you learn in life goes to waste, so why waste time here by getting bored?

Why not become the ultimate sales guy my firms got until I am here, one day it ll pay of somewhere, one day this skill will be useful.

I was working on my tone, my pronunciations and becoming a great listener overall.

I have become a better communicator because of it, did not have to use the whole sales guy thing so far, but the experience was worth it.