Top 3 smart informational YouTube channels that everyone should watch

In this post I am going to share with you 3 amazing informational YouTube channels which I frequently visit, for the matter of fact have subscribed to them and watch content from them whenever possible.

This channels are insightful, well updated and quite in tune with what’s going on in the world at this very moment.

All three are intellectual, informational and speak about a varied range of issues through their videos.

What sets them apart from any other channel on YouTube is their style and quality of presentation, well made and to the point.

Most videos are under 5 to 10 minutes and they deliver quite a thoughtful bang in such a short amount of time. Certain videos are longer, but I assure you, you will watch them with as much interest as you watch anything else.

So here are my picks for the top 3 smart informational channels on YouTube that everyone should watch

1. Vox

As stated on their about page, they say “Vox explains the news.”

They continue along that line and say further that in our age of information, there is too much information and too little context. Because of which either the information is misrepresented or misinterpreted.

Their mission is to provide that context to their audience. Vox not only covers what’s going on around the world in the form of news, but it also explores other topics and stories from all parts of the world about business, culture, food, science, pop culture, history etc.

Their research is thorough, videos use a blend of motion graphics, animation, real world footage and graphic design to convey their points clearly and precisely.

So the main benefit of watching Vox is that everything is data driven, with contextual commentary around it and even if you don’t agree with the opinion of the presenter you can still form your own opinion about that topic and think about it to reach a more sound conclusion according to you, as now you have the facts and the data.

They go so much into the past and the future, to put forth facts and theories, that resonate with today, you are bound to leave with a sense of where to look if you want to find the answer to a particular question. In a fast world where we barely get time to analyze our own life, this is very convenient.

You know that feeling when someone says a clever word and then explains it and you think woah! So this particular state of things is called this “word” and because of which now you have a context to continue your search and that is what precisely each Vox video does and for the matter of fact every YouTube channel that I am going to list here.

So being so informed on the go is pretty amazing, don’t forget to subscribe to them.

Here watch a video from Vox and see for yourself how it goes about covering

Various subjects in an interesting way.

2. Big Think

Big Think comes with a mission to help you know ideas that allow you to manage and master the universe of information.

They say we provide you with knowledge outside your own field but which is equally uplifting and will help you solve the questions and challenges in your life.

Big think speaks about various topics from a scientific perspective and applying it to human well-being.

Big thoughts on motivation, psychology, exercise, food, philosophy, spirituality, culture and many more.

With over 10000 videos on their YouTube channel, you can definitely watch an endless stream of very thoughtful commentary on life well-being topics.

Big Think and big ideas are important to life, even if they are not a part of your active lifestyle, still all the elements present around you make and impact your life.

So if you want to live optimally, then you must equip yourself with better and bigger understanding.

Knowing answers to questions that all you to think big and do more and better in life is always beneficial.

Big think has a similar format, most videos are under 5 minutes and each video will leave you more informed than you were before. The primary benefit is that now you know a new way of doing things, which might help you out better.

Checkout this video from them to get a hint:

3. Great Big Story

Now enough of learning about life and enough of knowing how to live it better, Great Big Story is about making you excited and curious about life.

Great Big Story is a global media company, dedicated to cinematic storytelling.

They have producers across 80 countries in the world and bring about the absolute amazing things to your notice and into your life. Because when you see or listen to a great story it stays with you forever.

This YouTube channel is more about living life to its fullest in a more interested manner.

It delivers to you the bounty and glory of our life on earth, as humans and as a part of the Eco-system.

It will make you feel lucky to be alive in such a time and it will inspire a desire to explore, live and witness such magnificent wonders of life around the world.

There’s no particular genre but it definitely tells you great stories about the various lives on earth and gets you excited to experience such a phenomenon.

Watch this not so conventional, yet a very practical story and such scenarios make us interested in knowing what the world is offering this days and what all sorts of people around the world are doing to live a remarkable life.

Its very motivating to be honest.


Every great fact, story and thought is worth exploring. This 3 informational YouTube channels stand all for that.

Viewing this channels keep us in check, by telling us how remarkable and fascinating things are going on around the world, how great ideas are shaping how we live our lives and how life is so much more than beyond our everyday routines.

It’s empowering. Because right information always gives more power to the one that wields it with thought. You can say this top 3 list is a package.

Vox gives you accurate information. Big Think tells you how to synthesize that information and Great Big Story entices you in its great tales to make you excited about life.

Just this 3 channels open you up to multiple dimensions of life and if you participate in the discussion actively, by applying or moving towards all that you see, you will do a lot more in your life than you previously did.

A small suggestion from me, if you are at a loss of information at this point in your life, don’t know what interests you in life and are not sure how you are going to make it all happen, then I suggest you to watch videos from this channels every day for a month.

Just equip yourself with the most relevant and accurate information to date, get your personal perspective updated and by accessing such varied style of and quality information for an entire month, can be a little suggestive in guiding you towards what you really want to do in your life.

What could be easier than just viewing videos for an entire month to improve your life?

If you are not well informed beyond your personal zone and interests, then you are only growing in one direction and are more prone to forming a biased judgment and informational balance in life. For overall growth, you need to be open-minded, well informed about how the world works, be a master of your art but be informed about the life which is around and within you.

It’s not about knowing everything, it’s about experiencing all the facets of life.

You are not born on earth to live and die in a selected number of scenarios, treat the world as your playground. Have fun.

Food for thought is always the best kind of food. After Cheese of course. Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments, quite eager to read from you.

Originally published at on August 15, 2017.