Industry 4.0 — What would employability for software developers mean?

Experienced developers are hard to find. Freshers do not have an early exposure to software development.

Today every single company in the world is embracing technology to grow and compete in the market. Those who don’t are losing relevance. Industry 4.0 will make technology development competitive. Therefore, to make the world move faster in technology development, we need to make developers fast — efficient, productive and a business problem solver.

Naturally, a developer is the most sought-after guy in the tech jobs today.

However, there is a genuine shortage of software development talent in the world.

The demand of developers across the world outweighs its supply —
90% of graduate engineers in India alone is unfit for software development jobs —

While outlays on corporate training is high, outcome lags far behind. Programming sites like these were necessary but are not sufficient today. The reason is — they cannot guarantee the competence of the sourced candidate. They cannot confirm if the candidate has prior application building experience. They cannot tell if the candidate is a fast learner. They cannot either truly answer if the candidate can use programming libraries/frameworks to connect the dots while solving a business problem.

To make a mass of developers employable — we need to build a “competitive application programming community, similar to competitive programming”.

In short, we need a technology which can do a massive inclusion of programmers, probably in millions, to learn to build enterprise applications during their graduation keeping the above demands in mind.

Such a solution would not only bring solid job readiness to young developers but also save surfeit training expenses by companies and improve their retention rate.

We are building — an online community platform to help programmers attain proficiency in real-world software development through interactive application-building tasks.