How to Digitize a Country
Abhishek Kothari

Rolando Ponce de Léon — I think the first education for developing countries is to ensure basic infrastructure — electricity, water etc. is in place before you declare internet to be a basic right. Estonia was well developed. After that, it is to ensure that each citizen is on the grid (has a digital identity). Subsequently, its a story of inclusion.

Answer#2 : Yes, if you look at Blockchain, its intrinsic value lies in what i call 3D’s- decentralization, democratization and disintermediation. Does that mean governments will disappear? No, they will evolve to be on the Blockchain similar to the X-road in Estonia.

However, anything that I or anybody else tells you about the future is a best guess and that’s why technology will remain an interesting subject.

Hope this answers your questions.

Thank you for spending your time reading my article. All the best.

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