A different day —gives experiences and few lessons

Story 1 — Human interactions

A different day spent. After a looong time, I happened to visit Lamington Road. To give a brief, about this part of the Mumbai. This is an area of a electronics market — wherein one can get from chip-level tiniest components to finished product like PCs, its peripherals, latest products etc. The perfect local market for electronics engineers like me to get sample components in quickest time. Of course, they are same big vendors/suppliers for big procurement as well.

So from the college time, I am a frequent visitor to this place. First for the hobbyist/college projects and now for professional work. So, I am kind of aware of the market — where to get what, at what price, which vendor is welcoming and who just shoo away.

Today, after my meeting with our vendor — I roamed around and bought a couple of different MOSFETs and diodes for my experiments. So, one thing, I have noticed over the years is these vendors have different attitude/approach towards customers. When I came as a college student, I was ignored by many of them — Of course with few exceptions. But, same vendors welcomes me now, when I visit them as a professional. It makes sense since professionals represent a company and give more business than a college hobbyist.

Yet there are some people who are unbiased in their attitude according to my experience. For instance, there is a shop for ferrite cores and magnetics related accessories — as in company. The owner is an old man around 70–75 years of age. I remember the first time I visited him as a student. I was over-humiliated for my limited/no knowledge about ferrite cores and also I asked for only 2 pieces of transformer cores. I didn’t mind his words since he is 3 times of my age and also during engineering days, it was a regular practice for me to listen to these angers. I was happy with my cores, instead.

The second time, I visited him as a professional and asked for a couple of samples. He did give me the samples, but he was again furious at me. Since he had to get the boxes out of the store. Later, I tried to turn the conversation in lighter-mode and did spoke to him for a longer time that day — his experience in the industry. He was quite overwhelmed to share.

The third time, he angrily asked me to leave his shop and I peacefully left. He never really recognizes me that I visit his shop at least twice/thrice a year. Even today, I went to disturb him again. I needed urgent samples of different cores for a design and experimentation. History repeated with the same intensity, yet I got half of the things what I needed.

Though, I did manage to get the rest half from an another vendor. But, I was thinking what makes this guy so angry at everyone. There might be a probability of 0.1 that I visit him every time he has a bad day. But, No — I know from my friends and colleagues that he doesn’t like to entertain retail customers. Maybe he is old and also appears tired. Today, I overheard him talking over a phone, he completed 22 years of something. His company/ business maybe. Also, someone at his house doesn’t work professionally. He seemed to be quite upset because of this. Of course, I am ignorant of the other side. But, something/someone bothers him.

I just wish him good and he finds peace in life. I am definitely visiting him the next time. Even if he scolds me — just that I wish the intensity reduces.