A different day —gives experiences and few lessons

Story 2 — Mumbai


It was already 2 pm. But, I had to meet another vendor at 4. So I had to pass some time. Instead of strolling around the market, I decided to go the Girgaum beach which is nearby. Although there was scorching heat, the breeze was relaxing. I went ahead towards the Arabian sea. A good number of people were already there along the shore — and a few others in the water.

I removed my footwear — folded the denim up to the knees and stepped further. It is wondrous to wet the legs in Mumbai’ s hot summer. I looked at the beautiful landscape. Never ending Sea in the front, a couple small boats. There at the left side — huge building from Taj, Oberoi hotel to NCPA Auditorium. And at the left, I guess it is Worli. The water isn’t blue for the obvious reasons — who else to blame than us.

Source: My Phone

I spent some time there, observing others — playing/enjoying with water. After a while, I came out with sand all over my legs. Rubbed to get it off. Then, started walking along the marine drive. Cool breeze sound from one side and fast moving vehicle on another side. Maybe it isn’t the best time to walk along the marine drive. Yet, I felt peace. I walked for around 15 minutes and sat there for a while. Watching sea fixedly — giving an existential feeling. The huge, star shaped kind-of stones, called tetrapod structures sat down below me. But then, my bums started burning and I had to take a U-turn. . Yet another cherishing experience of Mumbai. I remember this beautiful song starring Johnny Walker — a veteran Indian actor.

Yeh Hai Bombay meri jaan.

Source: My Phone