A letter to the Rain

Dear Rain,

Why do you shower so much here, where you are not needed. Although, I wished in summers, you to come early. But, not with heaviness, yet pleasantly. 
Intentionally, I drenched two times last week to cool inside-out and to satisfy your soul. Why do shower on me when I am helpless? I know, rarely people dislike you.

It isn’t that I hate — but you cry at wrong times.
That day, you rained in the morning. I didn’t wish to go to school. Those wet patches on my pants. Argh.. Not good.
 Bad memories of that gloomy day — Mom and Dad left me at the hostel. Along with me, you cried heavily.

I don’t like to work on your heavy showery days. 
Because of you, our rail tracks get filled, trains are delayed. And, we are late for work. Ask the sky to stay clear and let the sun shine for a while. I hate those shadowy days. 
Once in a while, It is okay. But, not so often.

Go to farm fields, where they wait for you. Fill the reservoirs full and let them not dry. Go to places, where you haven’t visited in years. Create more oasis out there. Make people happy there. Let the water cycle re-begin with your magic. And, sprinkle your boon on the needy.

See, I repeat, I don’t hate you, dear Rain. Rather when you come in the evening — I enjoy yummy Pakodas at home. Especially the onion ones. Pakodas and Chai with some family time. 
Also, you make perfect ambience for get-togethers — with friends and relatives. And that day, I would never forget — when I walked along with my crush on those streets and you rained :). Thank you for all these good experiences.

At times, you become angry at us. 
Yes, I saw that on July 26, 2005 —worst Mumbai rains. Dad came back at home the next morning. We were worried all night. Not blaming you. It is for us to retrospect. 
I request you, this year — to be a little soft and gentle, my friend.
Forgive us for the wrongdoings. Let me be happy with your drizzles.

With love

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