A man of few words

You’re one of the misread souls — since you speak out few words.

You are declared rude and emotionless. But it is just your want for alone-ness.

Why so quiet? — often people ask. You reply with an unanswered smile.

Introvert is a tag — sometimes you’re proud and at other times awkward.

You are seen as shy who doesn’t speak much. But, they don’t realize the power of your listening — an underrated trait

You don’t just listen for the sake of it. But to comprehend and… to listen more.

You accept all their bits of advice with a smile. Even when you don’t need them.

You lend your ears to those who want to be heard. Again and again — with no complaint.

Sometimes, silence is what you prefer — when you want to speak aloud. Because being loud doesn’t depict rationality.

This is seen as your weakness, rather, you grow stronger within — every damn time.

Because words aren’t like swords, they are petals to be showered from heaven.

And sometimes, you like them to be weaved gently on a paper — like a woolen blanket.