About Medium friends

The best thing, I love about Medium is the community — the interactions we have. I think this is what makes this platform great.
I remember, around the same time, last year, I started participating on this community. Before that, I was only reading. But, I started interacting as well. My first medium friend, Gail Boenning ( I remember our first interaction on the Ganesh festival story of mine ☺). My biggest motivator — and a reason to continue sharing my thoughts on this platform.

Although, people say writing should be intrinsic. One has to find motivation from inside — self-motivated. But, I do believe that external motivations are necessary too. A small push inspires you to write more or keep going. It worked for me, profoundly. That little green heart makes me smile :)

Slowly, my friends started to grow. As I started following more people, reading their posts. I found some kind of connection. I could relate the writings to myself. And wonder, wow, there are people who have experienced the same. Then this repetitive interactions turned into friendship.

I enjoy reading all of my friends’ posts. I learn and grow; expand my horizon when I read something new. I learn from their style of writing. Sometimes, I perceive the meaning of the stories completely wrong. Haha!! Then, I receive responses on my posts and it makes me think even more. It matures my thoughts on the subject matter. This engagement is enriching.

Sometimes, some of your friends leave for some sort of reason. I really feel bad. Outside medium, people would think this — to be silly. But, somewhere you felt some kindred-ness. You share some sort of similarities in-spite of many differences.

A couple of weeks back, on one Monday morning, I realized, a medium friend has deactivated her account — Normal Earthling. I was shocked. She has been one my biggest motivator. A friend who always inspired me. But, suddenly, she left the platform. I tried searching her account. 
I remembered her blogging website. And, luckily found her email address. I immediately emailed her. Ahh, and I got a reply. Too many things happening in her life and needed prioritizing, she said.
 One part of wanted to scream — COME BACK, friend. But, other part said, sometimes one has to make some difficult choices in life. Today, July 29, is her wedding. I am so happy for her. And I hope she comes back on this platform as well — when things settle down for her. I and many others, miss you Shannon aka Normal Earthling.

So, friendship day is on next Sunday — And, I wish all my medium friends for the day. I cherish all the interactions I have on this platform. And wish this to continue. A big thank you to all :)