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Agai Bai — I am imagining what could be your tone 😅 Lol

Ah! The charm is not going to be the same. First thing, we had 20 complete days of vacations from school. Now, we have only 2 days at the office. Though, I don’t wish for a 20-day vacation. But, I wish to be a kid again.

Ahhhh!!! You made me nostalgic. Did you guys make forts (Killas)? hahaha!!!. One year, we had made such a beautiful fort in our society. I wish we had mobile cams in those times. Nevertheless, the image is quite distinctive in my memory. I know, it is trivial now. But, I am still going to share. hahaha!!.

We use to divide the group into two teams. Team 1 will go get the best-est dry mud and stones. So, I being the team lead, I would get my Hamilton bicycle and start finding constructions sites and grounds to collect the mud. Team 2 would look after the internal arrangements.

Next, comes the planning of the fort — along the lines of the compound walls, we used to outline with the chalk and get our hands & clothes dirty — Kyunki, Daag acche hai !!! 😃 On one Diwali, we had also tried to make a waterfall — after failing N number of times to withstand water. We somehow managed with some POP. hahaha!!!!

Then waking up at 4 am and purifying bath with Moti soap and Utna. I don’t know what it is called — some herbal powder know. I am sure Moti soap’s sales goes high only in Diwali.

And, then firecrackers — ohhoooooo.!!!!! I used to be the first one in my society to burn the first firecracker. Though with time and some maturity — I stopped burning firecrackers. Environmental degradation and air/sound pollution. My choice — no disrespect for people who burn firecrackers.

You know, this year — Supreme Court banned the sale of firecrackers in Delhi. I don’t if it is a good decision or not. When I thought a bit — burning firecrackers does add to the pollution. But, so does many of the other things. Are we controlling them as well? Sometimes, I think in a controlled manner it is okay to burn firecrackers — depending on the choice of an individual. People do have traditions and associated sentiments.

But, then another perspective comes to my mind — in India, festivals like Holi and Diwali which are celebrated on such a huge scale. The water wastage /air pollution would go out of control if it isn’t restricted. Some sort of restrictions/discouragement is required. Celebrating festivals with these traditions but in a sustainable way is what we should think about. What do you think? 
 Gunjan would like to know your comments as well.

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