Dark faces of Humanity

In India, a lot of headlines goes on — ranging from politics, religion, entertainment, government policies, border tensions, etc. News gets spread, discussions take place in the offices, on social media, hashtag gets viral on Twitter. Many of them I cautiously ignore — sometimes it is too much to take in. But, being a natural observant — some of the things cannot be ignored.

A couple of weeks back, a boy was lynched in a train. News says Junaid (the 16-year boy) was traveling with his brothers when some feud started with another group of people over train seats. The group turned violent and started thrashing the boys. Since the boys were Muslims, they were mocked for their skull caps and termed as anti-nationals & beef-eaters. And Junaid was stabbed with a knife and his brothers were injured.

A Little Background — the Government has banned consumption/possession of beef in many parts of India. Since cow is considered holy in Hinduism. Mostly the attacks have been on Muslims — the easy targets and done by people who are supposedly pro-Hindus called Gau rakshaks (cow protecting activists). But, who has given the right to these mobsters to take law in hands? It boils my blood — when I see such news.

Such false suspicion Incidents has happened before. Few uproars are heard and some incidents are never heard of. From a couple of years, this vigilantism has increased.
I really wonder — what goes into the mind of these vigilantes — who has a difference of opinion and go wild to disapprove the other side. Some of them are just manipulated.

Junaid’s case hasn’t been solved yet. But, the culprit is caught. Police say the accused hasn’t referenced anything with his objections to beef-ban yet. Interrogation is still on. Maybe the beef suspicion by the culprits is rumored. Yet, a soul is lost.

Cow slaughter is a controversial topic in India. I actually kind of fear to write strong and aggressive comments. I do not wish to be attacked by a mob. They say cows are holy. They are farmer’s friend — and considered motherly. Hence cows shouldn’t be slaughtered. Yes, it can be accepted. People are religiously sentimental about them. But, are sentiments more important than a human life? Does killing makes cow more honored? Is humanity of lesser importance than religion?

Some days back I wrote about terrorism — which is an international issue. But, internally, in India, we have so many conflicts. High time, we need to accept and respect a difference of opinion. The allegations rumored could be wrong. We should join hands for peace. Also, instead of being mute observers, we need to raise our voices & act when it is must— a life could be saved.