First Rains


So, first rains arrived in Mumbai — much ahead of the schedule. Last week they started from South and reached here today.

But, the rain was violent and thunders were strong — unusual lightening of the first rains. Some branches of trees just fell down outside my window. Someone seems to be furious (or excited?). Few droplets of the rainstorm rushed inside. I didn’t wish to shut the window, yet I had to — the rain-shots of 45 degrees were falling directly on to my keyboard.

Although I ain’t a fan of heavy rains — a fear arises when it rains heavily & continuously — some sort phobia for the season. Anyway, I will share those feelings, when it arrive later in this season.

But, I like this particular period — end of summer and start of rains. Drizzling and short-duration rains. The best part in this period is the aroma of the soil — beautiful scent. I wonder, why most of us (maybe?) love Petrichora pleasant smell that accompanies the first rain after a long period of dry weather.

Freshness. Revival. Hope. And many others.

Later, when I went out, the rains had already subsided — and the environment was rejuvenating. Maybe, I have to wait for a month — for the actual season to start and get drenched.