Abhishek — I enjoy the stories of Hindu mythology.
Gail Boenning

Gail, I watched the movie today!
Saroo is brave. His love for his biological family is selfless. Facing such experiences at the age of 6–7 is tough and yet he finds happiness at his new home. But, the feeling kept haunting him for 20 years to find his real family. His childhood innocence is depicted that he had been mispronouncing his own name, which was actually Sheru. 
 I liked the personality of his foster parents. Their high moral values are depicted when they adopt the two boys from another culture and the acceptance & encouragement in Saroo’s search for his biological family. Their struggle and desire to handle their other adopted son. Also, the conversation when Saroo’s mother was ill and he learned that she wasn’t infertile but chose to adopt. One needs a huge heart & compassion to do this. 
The best scene is when Saroo finds the mark on the Google Earth ‘Ganesh Talai’
I wished his elder brother would be alive. They had a beautiful & strong relationship. But, the movie is based on a real story — which I didn’t know before the Post-credits scene, Saroo’s brother died the same night when they got separated. 
Thanks for the suggestion :)

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