Hack of the Day

From last 2–3 days, the Wifi router at my home was dysfunctional, fluctuating on and off. And apart from the ADSL and the Internet LEDs, the main Power-On LED was also going off, sometimes.

So, yesterday, I was resetting the hardware switch some ‘n’ number of times and it worked, though temporarily until today Morning — when it stopped working. No LEDs were switched on. So, I called the customer care of the service provider and I was transferred to another line, then another and then given yet another number, which turned out to be busy.

My Working Router

I cursed MTNL for their usual bad service and decided to visit their office tomorrow. But, in the evening, I tried my yesterday’s trick and found out that the hardware power button had some problem. It wasn’t staying in pressed condition, completely.

So as to temporarily solve the problem, I used a Rubber band and chalk to maintain the pressure onto the button. And, Bingo, it worked :D. Simple and easy hack — or in an Indian way it is known as Jugaad.

Now, I am waiting for my brother to come home and show him. Since, he had challenged me yesterday, to solve the problem.

The Jugaad :D

And, finally thanks to the inventors of the chalk and the rubber band. We, at times, forget to appreciate the simplest of the things we use in our life — which ease our life in some or the other ways.