On eating together

Hi Izyan,

I am always fascinated about Ramadan. Many of my friends who are Muslims fast in this holy month. Difficult it must be, from dawn to dusk. A friend shares his experience how they manage all these. Initial days are tough. But eventually, body & mind is tuned. Fasting has been an integral part in most of the religions — with a core concept of self-control. And it isn’t just the food — but other things as well. My other friend says, one also consciously keep the negative/ill thoughts away & spread love and peace — in the month of Ramadan. He adds, that it is time for intense prayer & devoting oneself closer to God. More like a spiritual reflection to look within.

Yesterday evening, this year’s Ramadan started. My friend showed me the crescent moon. He plans to come to work early so that he can attend the evening prayer. 
Last year, I thought of fasting for a day, but it didn’t happen. Maybe this year I will do on some Sunday. 
And, the feast on Eid☺Ahha!!!! Although, I am vegetarian, but I love sheer khurma. Ramazan Eid is celebrated with this dessert in India. I am unaware in rest parts of the world.