Are You Able To Talk To Your Boss About Depression?
Lisa Gallagher

I was in depression few months back. It was because of my some work-related role/ career tensions and stuffs. And I had a discussion about this with my lead. Actually, he was the one who asked —what is the problem? Initially, I hesitated. But when he stressed a bit. Then all the long vomiting of emotions came out. We spoke for about 1–1.5 hours that day. I really don’t know what were his intentions to ask me. Or what made him ask? But, if we didn’t had the discussion that day, I would had either left the job or would be kicked out, long back.

I am kind of a person — who generally doesn’t speak out. Keep things accumulating inside. And all the small things becomes huge and unbearable. And, in my culture, depression is rarely discussed. So, I hardly spoke to anyone about this. It might be a shock for my lead as well, when he came to know about my depression. But, he unknowingly/ knowingly, he helped me get out of this.

Today, I am out of depression — don’t know if completely healed or not, I might roll back(vulnerable situation). But, I certainly don’t have the hopelessness feeling today. Of course, it took me months and a lot of efforts to come out. And, there were other factors which helped me along with that discussion.

Depression at work, has to be spoken. You know, when one is in depression, some people casually asks various indirect questions. Happened to me as well. But, I don’t felt answering anyone.

That day, I spoke to my lead, since he questioned me at the right time and stressed me to speak up. I believe that made me cry out — which was much needed.

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