In a classroom

a mischief by back-benchers

Tushar looked in the mirror adjusting his grey tie. He declared to himself — 
Today, no mischief in maths class. Full attention. No Distraction. No scope for Neena ma’am to scold me.

He had enough scolding from her. 
Get out. Shut up. I will call your parents — were the only words he has received from her. 
He desperately wanted to hear — Good work, Tushar. Keep it up.

So, today, he decided to be the ideal student. No chit chatting, no pen fight during the lecture. No mischief at all. He even changed his seat to the second-last bench.

Lecture begins —

Trigonometry. Tushar’s favorite. Tushar knew all the formulas. It was time to solve trigonometric problems.

His friends Sachit, Shreeram and Nitin were consistently chatting — the last benchers, you know. His co-bencher Pranav got involved in the conversation. A very important topic —

Should Sachin Tendulkar retire?

The troop tried to include Tushar for his views. But, Tushar ignored and focused to recollect the formula —

sin(A-B) =sin A cos B-cos A sin B…

The discussion heated up and the amplitude of the chatter increased.

Words came — Last bench keep quiet. 1st warning.

2 minutes of silence. 
Pranav restarted the conversation. He is too much obsessed with Sachin. He wants him to continue cricket beyond 40. Sachit counter-argued.

Another warning with anger. Last bench, keep QUIET.

Sachit, the gossiper, said — 
Stop it mahn.. Listen to Neena ma’am.

Tushar just thought — What the fuck is wrong with this guy. Why is he talking to himself?

After yet another 3 minutes and 35 seconds of chatter. The frequency of words went a little loud. Loud enough for Neena ma’am to lose her temper.


So, all the addressees get up, Sachit murmurs something which Tushar could hardly hear. All of them lifts the bench. They force Tushar to help them and proceeds towards the exit. Neena ma’am exclaims — 
What are you doing? 
Sachit acts innocently — Ma’am, we are just helping the poor last bench the way out.

And, the whole class burst into laughter. Even, Neena ma’am chuckled. But, somehow she controlled the laughter and shifted to anger mode. Tushar continued to giggle involuntarily.

Neena ma’am turns to him and says — this must be your idea, know? 
Tushar surprised — No Ma’am, actually…
She interrupts him — Now, don’t give me reasons. I am quite aware of your mischief. You just pretend to be an innocent.

In next 5 minutes, the troop were in Principal’s cabin with their heads down in embarrassment (huh?).