Is New Year really new?

Last few days of last month of 2016. In a month it will be 2017, new year. People around have already started planning for 31st December celebration and their new year resolutions. I don’t remember when was the last time I had a new year resolution and followed it. 
Does new year really re- new our life? Or is it just change in date. 
I don’t know. 
New year celebrations are full of bash. There is a hell lot of enthusiasm, noise, dancing, partying hard and stuff like that. It has somewhat become a custom to celebrate the new year this way. 
In last few years, I happen to just stay/celebrate at home on 31st December. Generally, my mom cooks some different delicacies like pav bhaji( bread and smashed mixed vegetables)and some sweet. We watch some random TV shows. My mom and dad go to sleep at their usual timing (10ish). And I am awake till 12 am, wish my brother if he is at home and goes off to sleep. I remember, one year me and my brother we doing mediation during the transition of the new year (23:45–00:15). It was a nice experience. May be we were into spirituality mode at that time. 
But, I do not find much importance of new year in my life. It seems to me just like another day. The only difference is that we exchange new year wishes.
There has to be some significance, some resolution that I will follow or something new on that day. I need to introspect onto this. It shouldn’t be a just change of date.