Is #MeToo Only For Women? Should It Be?
Abby Franquemont

Last week — when this #MeToo campaign started, my FB feed was also flooded with a number of posts. Among them, a male friend of mine had also posted the hashtag. Of course, there were mixed comments. Then, this led me to my assault — minor, to say.

I kept pondering — whether I should write about my story or not. Confused. Since this movement originated and is focused on sexual harassment against women. And, I in no ways want to reduce its significance. As one of the comment says — I don’t wish to disrespect women by sharing my story. Women in larger context face more sexual harassment than other genders.

But, today, when I read this, I couldn’t stop sharing my thoughts. Coz, I knew, if I didn’t do it now, I would never share this with anyone. And, I am more comfortable sharing on this platform than rest. I first spoke to my friend whose post instigated my thoughts. And, thanked him.

So, it was forced kisses— from someone quite close to me, I don’t wish to reveal more details of the person. I was a kid — who didn’t even know it was a sexual assault. I didn’t like — that’s it. On the second occasion — it was a stranger who touched me inappropriately. First time I thought — it happened by mistake. But, the touch came again. Before I could react — he vanished.

I won’t say, this has deeply affected me psychologically or my life. But, the assault — though mild, keeps bugging me. And, we were never taught to be vocal about these things. Perhaps, sexual assault against men doesn’t exist in my culture. So, better we forget about it, instead of getting judged. But, when in doubt, they say, just do it. Hence, I post this.

It is a festival time in my culture. And, I shouldn’t be getting these thoughts. But, I feel some relief by letting it out. Thanks for sharing this, Abby Franquemont. Probably, I would have never shared this — if I didn’t have come across your post.

Thank you, again.