Good or bad day?

Source: Pixabay

Monday Morning. I woke up late. Yoga class missed. The day started late. Arggh. I don’t like this. I left home at 10.45. I had to catch 11.07 train to my workplace.

A realization. I have no cash. Only a 5 rupee coin. I need at least 25 rupees to reach my office. Shit man!!! Hurriedly, I roamed 4 ATMs with no luck. 3 of them had no money. One had only 2000 rupees denominations. I couldn’t accept it. Seriously, I can’t dare give 2000 rupee note to auto-rickshaw driver for Rs 25. A flash of their angry looks came in my mind. 11.07 train had already left without me.

I chose to go with Ola (Uber-like taxi aggregator). Of course, it has to be Ola-share. Frugal mind. 12 minutes waiting. Why me? Anyway, I chose to wait. According to the map, when the cab was just 3 minutes. My phone switched off. No, my battery wasn’t low. It can’t be. I always keep it with required minimal charge. I tried rebooting the phone. But, it got stuck at the logo screen itself.

Now, when the cab arrived — I didn’t have the OTP. Shit man!! I should have booked Uber. They don’t ask for OTPs. After 7–8 minutes of more struggle with the phone. I asked the driver to leave without me. What a start to the day? Rather, the week.

I tell to myself — calm down. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Inhale…exhale… I head towards another ATM — a little farther. This time, not in a hurry. And, what a luck — I got 100 rupee denominations. Finally, I reached office at 12.30. 
Yeah, that is pretty late and I was tired. Later in the evening, with a help of my friend, I diagnosed the phone problem as well — faulty battery.

I reached home at 9.30 in the night. At home, my mom’s cousin and her husband had come. It was great talking with them. Especially, my aunt’s husband. I always like to discuss with him. Since they were going to stay at our place. We spoke till 12.30 on various topics. It started with digital transformation, bitcoins, and IoT technology.

So, when we were discussing about the fast growth of today’s big companies. One thing he said, struck me — All these big companies like Google, FB, Amazon, Uber, etc have one thing in common for their success. Although, they are selling in different domains. But, they are selling us convenience. Hmm. Quite true.

So, lets not judge the day, I said to myself. The day ends on a good note. And I am happy about it :)