My Diary Ramblings

Day 3

From yesterday evening, I have been thinking of the today’s topic. Quite a few numbers from various strata came to my thoughts but didn’t make to this page.

When I woke up I was completely blank. Hence, I opened my diary, actually, a simple notebook wherein I write everything — with no hesitation. Putting myself open. All my frustrations, darkness, secrets(lol), desires & wants, inartistic (no pun) sketches, my thoughts on some random-est creature.

I have a disclaimer written on the first page — see the image. haha!! My brother is a spy — so probably he might have read it — not sure. But, he follows the disclaimer. Hence, it is okay for me.

Pardon my handwriting. It sucks.

I also write quotes which struck me — inspired me. They are of course quotes from books I read & movies I watched. But, also from my circle of people, when they unknowingly struck me with their words. Friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances, or any stranger — no bias.

One such quote I remember, by our CEO, which always motivates me. Translation of those words goes this way—

“Whatever needs to be done, only we have to do it. No one from outside is going to come and do it for us.”

Simple yet impacting. There was a time when we were probably 10–12 people in the company. And, with limited resources, we had to solve certain problems, in which we didn’t have any prior experience and out of our league issues.

Of course, it didn’t impact just because it came from the CEO. But, it made sense in the given situation. And, also it helps me, whenever I am stuck.

Time’s up. Sometimes, I deviate a lot from the topic.