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No trouble at all for the questions! I would answer you straight.

Just wanted to know if life actually significantly got better after 26th Jan -NO

you are wearing blue in color? — No, it is maroon. It isn’t expensive. If it had been expensive I would never allow my dad to buy it.

Did it help you? The stone? And if yes, how long did it take to respond? — I don’t know. I don’t believe some stone would change my life for better. But, my dad believes to some extent. I know, it won’t harm me, so I am wearing it. Dad happy, I happy.

My opinion — I don’t believe in astrological practices. May be they are affecting it some way or the other, which I am ignorant of. A stone cannot change my life into happiness. It is me, people around and importantly my attitude. Also, there are only 12 signs and 7 billions of people in the world. Mathematically, close to 5.8 million share same sign. But not life. All have different problems, different attitudes, different statuses, and different approaches to life. And as I said in that post, my dad says, Sade Sati might be tough phase to some. But, it prepares, strengthens. Sorry to sound a bit philosophical. But, this is my opinion.

Sorry if you were you might be expecting answers referential to astrology. I am the wrong person. I wish your friend is relieved of her bad phase. Come out stronger.