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The problem with some of these so called gau rakshaks is — they are manipulated in the name of religion, caste, holiness and what not.
And, not only religion. But, there are so many differences based on caste in rural areas. But, these small gaps need to be bridged. Complete unification is almost impossible. But, trying and unifying at smaller levels is needed. The day, we start to think individually and not follow the herd mentality, we will be in a better position in this diversification.

And, though, I am still optimistic about BJP government ( I guess, we differ on this). But, I condemn whenever they go wrong. And many of their pro-Hindu ideologies which are harmful to the country to a larger extent.

Speaking of politics. Last week, saffron formed the government in yet another state — Bihar. People were delighted. Though, it was good politics by BJP. But, I fear — if BJP comes to power in all parts of the country. These vigilantes are going to act in their absurd and uncontrollable way. The topic could be different and not just cow slaughter.

I think problem is we need a strong opposition in the system as well. And, Congress is kind of failing in that. For the better governance — both parties need to work. The opposition needs to level up too.

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