Rahul Dravid — The wall


Source: http://sportzwiki.com/cricket/the-closet-dravid-fan/

One of the most technical cricketers till date.

Very famous celebrities have both lovers and haters. Even Sachin Tendulkar — the god of Cricket — along with the die-hard fans — who worship him, have haters as well. There are people who believe that Sachin’s successful cricket career is sheer luck. But when it comes to Rahul Dravid, I have hardly seen any haters. He has that kind of aura of reverence.

Today is his birthday. I read it somewhere that.

When talent does hard work - Sachin
But when hard work beats talent - Dravid.

He wasn’t hitter like today’s cricketers or aggressive on the field. He was calm, composed and patient, just there at his team’s side when they needed him the most. Like the dark knight, a watchful protector.

When he used to come on the pitch, bowlers better get him out in first few overs itself, because if he stayed on the crease, he is going to get those scores high. Bowlers would get irritated with his strong defense.

Steve Waugh(Former Australian Cricketer) had said about him —

Try to take his wicket in the first 15 minutes, if you can’t then only try to take the remaining wickets.”

He was a defensive Batsmen, played more of back-foot strokes, but in most elegant way. No waffling. And, that was the beauty of his style. He once said in an interview ‘ Sometimes we need to give the ball the respect it deserves’, always depicted in his batting.

He is not the God of Cricket, a human being — an inspiration to many, a cricketer who knows his basics and applies them when needed, gracefully.

Happy Birthday, Dravid!