Few lasts for life and few ends sooner.

In last few months three of the colleagues left our company. ‘Colleagues’ would be the wrong word to say. They are my friends. Such kind of relations we have in my company. Maybe because we all belong to somewhat same age group. We could blend easily. 
So, coming back to the point. I do not feel good when someone leaves. It happened to me in the recent instances. Although one of the three colleagues was an intern and I knew before that, he is going to leave to resume his college.

Even some time back, at school, college — when someone left away for some reason — same feeling. Not exactly sad. But, I wished they stayed in my life for some more time.
When I start a relation, with a certain person, it takes time for me. Some efforts from my side. But once I get along, I wished it remains forever.

But, some relationships, be it with my friends, colleagues, mentors, teachers remained for a varied time. Some more and few for less time. I had fun playing with friends, studied maths and physics with few, some serious philosophical discussions, arguments, disagreements — most kind of experiences. And, after a time, some of the relationships, reasonably ended. Although in some cases, I left for some or no reasons.
Not all relationships could stay until the end. I just have to cherish the time spent in that relationship. And learn/enjoy/experience the present ones.

People just can’t keep on adding. They have their own career, other relations, aspirations to follow. And, it is okay, all these years, some of the relationships ended. But, I am grateful to have them all.