Review meeting

Today, I have a performance review at work — my first ever yearly formal review in my professional life. Last year, we were small as a company, so didn’t have formal review meeting one-on-one. And even in my previous company, we didn’t have such yearly reviews. But as we grow as a company, these things gets included.

I have been thinking(over-thinking) on this, since yesterday evening. Unable to sleep. Questions pounding — Is it really necessary to have this meeting? How does review meetings are conducted? What has to be spoken and what not? Too naive, I am. 
My meeting is with my lead and our CEO. So, it is not that I am uncomfortable speaking to them. It might be like a regular conversation we have but in a more formal environment.

And, some part of me, sees this as an opportunity to reflect upon my last year’s professional life, my supposedly achievements and challenges faced. Also, my take on company culture and future.

I am really unaware of such meetings. I might speak out a lot of things or keep mum. Maybe, I will speak beyond what is supposed to be required, every small detail. I generally don’t speak out unless asked to, keep words accumulating inside — whatever it is, most probably, I am going to be honest and straight with words.