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Riots — those dreams have been part of me. Actually, I have never witnessed any rioting as such. I was only a couple of months old when Babri was demolished and subsequent riots in Mumbai. Horrendous act of Humanity.

And, still, on some random days, I witness them in my dreams — people running and fighting with swords and what not. I don’t know whether they are Hindus or Muslims. I just see dark faces — of humanity.

Long back, as a kid, I watched a movie on Gujarat riots. I wish, I didn’t have watched. Maybe, because of the movies & news, the fearful rioting scenes are part of me and often come in my dreams. How people are manipulated at their core, soul in the name of religion for political gains. I just want to wipe those periods of gruesome violence from history. I must say, subconsciously, they affect us and comes in our dreams.

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