Abhishek Labhe ,
Susan Christiana

So, a little background on how I conceive this. In Indian culture, you never question parents. We are always taught to respect and obliged elders — which is, of course, a good belief. Like, my dad never dared to state a disagreement with his father. But, my generation started to question or show disagreement with our parents, even display anger — especially in those teenage years. Because we were allowed to. So, the culture always molds with every new generation. But, impertinence is always condemned.

While I was growing, there arose a time, when I realized that parents could be wrong at times. But, we were educated at school and by surroundings to never disrespect them even when you disagree — fair enough. 
But, I hardly came across any instances of bad parenting as such. I had this belief that how can parents do wrong to their child? Not possible. But later, I realized that it is possible. Bad parenting maybe unknowingly, does affect the child and gets deeply embedded.

Hence, I believe upbringing plays an important role in one’s life. My nature, thoughts, way I look at life has been affected significantly by my upbringing.
But, apart from the parents, upbringing also includes schooling, friend circle, surrounding people and their relationships. All of them play a role in that equation. And when someone pulls themselves up in spite of bad parenting is because of the other parts of the equation and their exposures.

We aren’t born responsible or destined to have a good life. I believe, it is our exposures and experiences in childhood which does the molding. 
Like, my mom is working woman — so, I as a child, use to stay for some hours at our neighbor’s place from the age of 8 months to 11 years. So, my neighbor played an essential role in my nurturing — my another mother. Also, my schooling played a vital role in my upbringing.

Being a bit of ignorant of bad parenting, yet when I think of this deeper, sometimes, bad parenting might play positively to an individual’s character. Bad parenting could be — ignorance towards the child or abuse or worst experiences which might push the child early on life to be independent and take ownership of the life. And sometimes, the emotional detachment with the parents could divert to establish other connections. Of course, it depends on case to case.

Off topic: I again apologize to perceive your thoughts wrong in that comment. I re-read it and happen to perceive differently this time — aligning with your explanations. How interesting it is — human perception.

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