South Bombay

Fond of this part of Mumbai

Source: — Chhatraprati Shivaji Terminus (CST).

From my workplace, I reached CST station. And boarded the bus for Navy Nagar. 
I always enjoy traveling to this part of Mumbai. Old British era buildings — made of big stones and huge structures. My bus passed through the shops which are established since the 1900s. And most of them are 3rd gen owners — following the family business and tradition. Far away I saw Pancham Puriwala — serving various puris and other eateries since 1848. My personal favourite is masala puri.

I was going to my cousin’s place. She had arranged a small Puja (ritual for worship). But it was more like a family get together — for all the cousins and family in and near Mumbai. She stays at the most extreme end of South Bombay — just next to the Arabian sea. I always like visiting her place since childhood (we have huge age difference between us, she is eldest and I am second youngest among cousins). Primarily due to two reasons. First, her home is at the south-most tip of Mumbai, next to the sea and it is a peaceful neighborhood — fresh air continuously flowing with faintest sounds of traffic. And secondly, I like to have a conversation with my brother in law — who is a scientist with majors in Physics. We have long conversations about technology and science. My naive engineering thoughts and his expert science research talks — highly enlightening discussion for me. It is always admiring to have a deep conversation with the father (science).

Coming back to South Bombay — it is delimited by the Arabian Sea. The area stretches from Colaba to Mahim. And South Bombay is actually a place of elite people. Most of the city’s richest & powerful people live here. Also, the real estate prices in these parts are highest in the country. The world’s biggest private house of Ambani is here — Antilia. Also, South Mumbai hosts the Reserve Bank of India and the Bombay Stock Exchange along with other headquarters of big MNCs.

The architecture of the area is reminiscent of the old Bombay highlighted by various museums & art galleries, CST Station, BMC office (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation), Cusrow Baug, an old Parsi residential colony.

South Bombay people are often made fun of because of their elite-ness. Like, if you watch any Indian comedian’s stand-up on Mumbai. There would at least one joke on South Bombay. Mind this — it is South Bombay and not South Mumbai. Haha!! Most of the conversation has to be in English, even the curses. Please, Please the concerned people don’t take offence reading this :D.

Source : Gateway of India & Taj Hotel

There is a lot of good places to visit here. Museums, Taj hotel, the Gateway of India, ride in a double-Decker bus :D. Then Colaba Causeway — a commercial street which has myriads of options for shopping. Also there are many small Street foods stalls serving varieties of deliciousness. These places are often termed as Khau Galli’s.

Source: Queen’s Necklace

If you ever happen to visit Mumbai. Don’t miss visiting Queen’s necklace or more famously known as Marine Drive. It is a long ‘C’ shaped coastal road — starts from NCPA (auditorium) and ends at Girgaum beach. Go there at night and take a walk for some 20–25 minutes along the Arabian sea. It doesn’t matter if you have a companion or not. You will find many along the way — even at 2 in the night. And if it is drizzling, then it is a cherry on the cake — and who knows alike me, you might find some peace in this chaotic city of mine.

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