Jagesha Thaker

Thank you for adding your opinion Jagesha. I like to expand my horizon over the topics of my interest. I was aware of collective Ganesh festival being initiated by Lokmanya Tilak. Mass freedom movements were required and people were needed to be brought together, where caste systems was a major issue. These gatherings provided the platform to strengthen independence movement.

Talking about weed, I am naive to speak about its technicalities. I am aware that, in some countries it is legal. As you said, it is better than other pharmaceutical medicines — maybe, but it also depends on the purity of it — where the herb is grown. Like, I am unsure if the weed/marijuana which is available in my city — Mumbai, consumed by many does really have those healing powers with no side effects. And more than all these, people smoke it, as it is a new fad — along with smoking cigarettes and drinking which is considered mainstream.