Useless currency note — but priceless


Today, I was searching my appointment letter. Dad wanted it for some banking activity. So, my search begins with a 3-storied cupboard of mine — filled with reading books, school & engineering books and magazines (treasures), assignment sheets and notes, my certificates and some random papers.

Accidentally, in between the books, I found a 500 rupee note. I was surprised, first with a smile and then disappointment. Smile — because, I usually find 10 or 20 or max 100 rupees notes. 500 is a big amount to be found in a cupboard. Seriously.

But, this 500 note — is an old currency which was declared invalid on November 8, 2016 by the Government to curb counterfeit money. I can’t replace this note now. Not because the note is obtained through illegal means. But, I have missed all the deadlines of the banks to replace the old notes. Arghhh demonetization.

Like, even if I dare to visit RBI (India’s central banking institution) — they would slap that note on me. Were you sleeping all these months? 
Now that, the note is useless, I will laminate and make it priceless :D. 
Making it a rare asset and adding to my non-existent hobby — currency collection.

Almost 7 months have passed — when demonetization was declared by the Prime Minister of India — a move to crack down black money. The nation which still does most of the transactions in cash had to face difficulties. I personally was privileged and affected at minuscule level.

So, this is my small experience of demonetization and its effects — declared on the night, when the nation heard ‘Mitron ’……. and the rest is history.

PS: ‘Mitron’ is a Hindi plural word with literal translation ‘friends’. And, it is one of the favourite words of India’s Prime minister Mr Narendra Modi — most of the times he begins his address to the nation with this word. The nation comes to standstill and some heart attacks when he uses this word. :P ( pun intended — with an intention to be politically correct).