I hope it offers you much!
Gail Boenning

Yes, India did offer spirituality & Yoga to the world. But, I believe more than the offeror,in this case, it is about the acceptance by the world. Because more it was/is/will be accepted, the more it gets reflected back here.
I have observed this one thing if someone from outside India appreciates something and this has certainly happened to Yoga & Spirituality, people here tend to acknowledge it more, which is, of course, a good thing.

I am a naive to speak this. But spirituality has myriad of definitions and meanings which one can interpret/claim — enlightenment, attaining Moksha or knowing higher truths. But, the meaning, which I believe as of now (open to expand) is ‘awareness of self’. All the Spiritual gurus, different organisations and other external supplements are paths towards it.

Again, I am proud that these thoughts accepted by the world, originated in India, but its expansion & evolution is & will be credited to its practitioners.

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