So happy to see your post.
Deborah TaylorFrench

I’m not saying I hate Facebook. I’m still spending some time on the desktop version of the site to get news/tech/friends updates, and of course, to use Messenger. My point was that it takes up more time than I want it to, and I want to REDUCE my consumption.

Unfortunately I won’t be contributing to your article, as I think the two of us are trying to make separate points.

One thing to consider for your article though is … any corporation, at the end of the day, is there to make money. Facebook/Google provide FREE services to consumers. They have to make money, and they are doing that by using/selling data. Companies exist that keep your data private and won’t sell it off, but then there will be charge to use that service. More and more companies are following the former route. Good luck to you if you only want to support companies taking the latter one.

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