In WB only names have Paribartan

Is it really a Paribartan alias Change?
Paribartan in English means Change. Recently the Government of WB started taking steps to change the name of West Bengal to Bengal, the idea and logic behind this was quite childish and idiotic which will make even Rahul Gandhi proud that he is not only the Pappu of Indian politics, will force Albert Einstien to dig his grave again after many years, the main logic was that the word West being associated with Bengal is working as a jinx and not allowing the state to flourish and develop.

This effort of Mamata Banerjee was quite well discussed when she came to power in 2011 by taking the political mileage of the disturbed law and order and incidents which took the lives of many innocent farmers and family.

Well after coming to power she gained a lot of appreciation but she lost the confidence of the investors and industrialists which is quite visible after five years of her rule, in Bengal even Business summit looks like Cultural meetings where industrialists are greeted by cricketers and dancers.

Even it was hilarious to find out that foreign tours were conducted for bringing in investors but an individual like Mr. Ratan Tata was forced to leave the state with his highly ambitious project Nano and later he was called Lunatic and Mad by the Finance Minister of WB.

Miss Banerjee is really interested with an industry like Tele Bhaja (fried snacks), even almighty doesn’t know who would be the investors.