Swamy Who’s Next

Aiyyo.. Swamy Tum Kyu karta Aisa ji

Well Indians know Swamy by face and not by his work, I am talking about an Indian politician who is always on the rampage of image of other famous personalities specially Indians, these people are ranging from the fields of government top jobs to Indian Bollywood industries.

It is very hilarious that Swamy knows so much about others that evens they don’t know. Swamy is controversial but not talented, but most talented people are controversial, having said that he is Rahul(G)for BJP who is always embarassing the party like the former does, he is Robert(V) without Priyanka(G).

Kyu Nahi karega Ji

I have a strong belief that Swamy every night before sleeping decides which personality should I target the next to get high publicity, even everyone who is not so popular and controversial should come to Swamy for some PR tricks and implement with their clients, even Swamy has a good opportunity to start a new venture.