How to prepare for NDA SSB Interview ?

As NDA exam is over that held on April 23 under supervisory guidance of UPSC. Now dedicated candidates must have started preparing for next stage that is SSB interview. SSB interview is the most desired and most important part of the selection procedure. The main aim behind SSB interview is to reinforce and to judge whether candidate is capable of being an officer or not and to give opportunity to candidate to show how suitable candidate you are for Armed forces and contribute to its growth. SSB is a whole game of judging a psychology of candidate. Thousands of candidates go for SSB but only few of them get selected, because the psychologist, GTO, IO test your personality in many different dimensions. SSB mainly focuses on positive thinking that is called positive aspect of thinking. “Developing a practical approach to think and behave over any situation”.

First thing you should know about SSB Interview- SSB is not looking for exceptional and other super human beings. Academic brilliance will never guarantee your success in SSB. Good communication skill with English as medium of communication is a key to success in SSB. Physical endurance and stamina and awareness of logical mind is the only formula of success. All responses regarding every task should convey positive outcome as result.
 Don’t try to over react in front of Interviewer, GTO or Psychologist. Be natural as you are. Last but not the least “If you fail once, try to make it again”.
 SSB involves proves yourself to be better than all others interviews test in India.

It is something that teacher can’t teach. Positive psychology interventions can’t make their way into classrooms. For this you have to work for your personality before anything else. At this time you must be very curious to know How to prepare for NDA SSB Interview, so here we are providing some tips to polish your skills-

1. Start with general awareness- This the real time when you should start working on your General Awareness and current affairs. Start reading the newspaper, make notes regarding important incidences. Read Journals, magazines, articles or anything that influence your command over general awareness.

2. Improve writing Skills- Not only being a good thinker candidate should also be a good writer, because you have to illustrate your feeling in appropriate words under peer pressure of limited time. your this capability will help you during PPDT which is a part of screening and TAT which is a part of Psychological test.

3. Self Awareness-To increase positivist inside personality, person should seek to increase the frequency of positive emotions such as feelings related to being grateful, to being kind with everyone, to develop optimistic approach of thinking, being loving, confident and strong. Try to influence others with your personality.

4. Improve Communication Skills -Enhance your speaking skills, Don’t start like train that will show shoddy image of rote memory technique. Try to be slower than normal speed and vary your tone with ups and downs add little dynamics. Let you voice show your enthusiasm, keenness and desire. Always remember you have to speak clearly in a controlled range of tones. Avoid monotony in your content.

5. Explore the world- Become good observer, carefully watch things happening around you. Look inside in yourself to know what you are in reality. The place from where you belong and the place where you are living currently explore the world, explore the things and activity happening around you. These things may help you while interview.

6. Be confident- Try to adopt an open, honest and confident attitude. Make eye contact always and adopt a professional and officer like qualities (OLQs), always be honest at your end, listen actively and use strong positive language. Be enthusiastic and speak with full of clarity and confidence.

7. Prepare self-description- Start preparing in public debates that will help you while Lecturette task. Some of the core traits to consider during preparing for your self are Leadership skills, team work, communication skills, initiative and creativity, organizational ability and positive attitude.

8. Develop stamina- For being officer you should be mentally as well as physically fit so, start with mild exercises and jogging that builds your stamina. Follow general parameters of exercise that is 25 situps,21 pushups 2.5km running because ground Tasks require a good level of fitness.

9. Prepare for group Discussion- Do not look at the officers while narrating your story and just after completing it. Proper body language should be maintained. Do not argue in the GD also allow others to speak, including the weaker ones. Wait for the right time to put in the strong points of the story that you have written. Try to be actively present in the discussion so that the officers notice you.

These are some tips by using which you can get easily recommended in Armed forces, follow your heart and get recommended for officer. Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd. Provides appropriate guidance under observation of Ex-Armed service officers. Just the only thing you have to improve is your personality and your behavior. Go ahead with your aspiration and desire to chase your dream. For any inquiry you can contact in our inquiry counter.