It’s a marathon and we need not sprint!

“Getting fit is a life time quest and not a temporary battle to be won”

I exclaimed to a colleague from office who was looking for a ‘quick’ way to get rid of his bulging pot belly. “Actually if you look at me, I don’t have fat anywhere else but my belly, vaise toh main kaafi fit hoon” he remarks with an innocent expression on his face. I swear had someone paid me a few bucks for every time i heard that line, i would have been rich enough to buy a nice 5 lbs whey protein jar for myself.

The Dilemma

The common trend these days is that people are looking for quick fixes for ALL their life problems. “Headache hai?, crocin lele” after two weeks “severe headache hai?, theek hai, 2 crocin lele” . We are not to be blamed for this as the times we live in demand the very best from us. We are progressing at frighteningly aggressive speeds. However, in this quest we have forgotten the golden rule of life ie. ‘Health is Wealth’.

The way out

I see only one way out of this viscious wake up-work-eat-sleep-get unheathy cycle and that is CONSTANT ENDURANCE. Pro level atheletes might train 3 times a day, people might their entire lives to win a single olympic medal; what is expected from you is that you strive to be a better person than you were a day before. So pick up those weights and train till your lungs run out of breath, your heart starts pounding, you start heaving, you have gone through such levels of intensity, it will surely make your day more productive.

Here are a few interesting facts on fitness. Take a look and then go out for a JOG!

The Undeniable benefits of choosing a healthier lifestyle
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