Find what you love and let it kill you.

So goes a famous saying. It is however, easier said than done. Finding your true passion in life is not easy, especially in today’s era when there are so many options available. Look at Medium, for instance. A lot of people just like me, having the knack for reading/writing must have come across it randomly and would have randomly decided to just click that top right button and start writing. Lot of them must have realized henceforth how much they love writing and would have contributed atleast a couple of good articles here.

However, only a small fraction of them would have figured that writing is their true passion and would have taken it seriously as a career. Reason — There are too many of us writing for one to actually know whether it’s worth considering it as a full time job. And that’s the question which decides whether something is a passion or a hobby. There’s nothing wrong with not making your passion a full time thing. But the moment you start wondering that there’s too many of them doing it, you should know it’s probably not something that you shall be known for.

Another example to consider here is entrepreneurship. I am sure there are loads of us reading this article who want to quit their 9–5 job to do something of their own. The first thing that comes to the mind in such a case is a Startup. While the idea of getting involved in a starting a startup, small or big, is not too far fetched; one must know that a desire to do something of your own doesn’t necessarily imply that starting up a company is the way forward. For some it might mean being a freelancer, for others it might just be that weekly meeting with like minded people.

So how one defines and pursues his passion is a question which is very difficult to answer, something that I keep wondering about as well. But working in a semi startup after graduating last year, I have realised that finding that one ultimate passion which I will die pursuing will take some effort and time, which shall be only worth it as time will help me in atleast figuring out what is not my passion.

Probably that is a step that all of us can start with in our journey to finally find what we are meant to do…

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