How mutual fund advisers can use technology to drive better sales?

Mutual fund investments are growing , so as the number of mutual fund advisers are. The cut throat competition is making them to use newer techniques to engage with their audience.


So If you are a mutual fund adviser/consultant/ financial planner , Read ahead.

1. Start building your personal brand

Believe it or not, you already have a personal brand. If your are on any one of the social networks (viz. Facebook, twitter, Instagram) or professional one (Linked In), you already have a personal brand. It’s just that you don’t take it seriously.

In this closely connected mobile world, everything you write digitally represents your personal brand. So start working on each of the mediums (!).

2. Have a smart online appointment tool.

Gone the days of keeping appointment registers. Embrace simple yet powerful appointment tools to keep a track of your appointments.

Use free tools such as CallBird or Freemium ones like

3. Use apps for registering new client info.

Do you still use the stone age excel sheet and pie charts to track your sales funnel. No way :(

Tools like Cloze are helping build the relationships into Gold. No more scattered data and those exhausting Excel entries. You got this!

4. Pitch Like Jordan Belfort

Source: The movie “Wolf of the wall Street”
For your Stratton Oakmont, you are the Jordan Belfort. Pitch should be everything for you. With Ipads and Mac Airs, the technology stuff got it all covered .
Use presentation tools such as Prezi, HaikuDeck or Deck for an amazing first impression.

5. Engage before & AFTER the sale.

Do you make a sale and just forget about it ?


Send Personalized messages occasionally (don’t spam, just Don’t!) to clients. Tools such as can help you send personalized emails at ease.

Use an optional monthly / weekly investment performance report to each of them. This will help build trust & transparency about your work.

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