How to get multiple job offers using LinkedIn ?

Where Job waits for You !

Every entry level executive thinks, at some point of time, that he/she needs to switch his job. He starts applying to different portals & finally leaves the thought cause of no valuable job offers. LinkedIn is a place where you don’t need to apply to a job but, job comes to you.

If you are looking for a job change & have failed in your initial attempts, here’s a 3 step approach to get at-least 5 job offers in a month using LinkedIn.

Step 1: Work on your LinkedIn profile

a. First thing first, get a professional profile picture.

It takes one tenth of a second for employers to judge you by your profile picture. Source

Here are the do’s of it.

Brian Chesky [CEO, airbnb]

b. Write a compelling Summary

Keep it short. Write what you love to do. Mention your passion & overview of professional experience.

Here’s a nice blog on how to write a compelling LinkedIn Summary.

c. Get an awesome Headline

If you are a software engineer, write something like this

Software Ninja | E-commerce & Retail | Cloud Computing Specialist | Looking for change

d. Fill up (Don’t Overflow) all the details

Check the complete profile Here

Job description


Always use STAR approach (Situation, Task, Action & Result)

Lets say you were involved in CSR activity for your company. Here’s a sample on how you can write-

  • Conceptualized a state wide tree plantation drive, built a team of 10 & executed plantation of a million plants in 7 districts of Maharashtra.

Let’s say you did something out of the box in college:

STAR Approach example


A lot of job seekers make the mistake of writing just the school name. Employers want to know what you did in school. Include academic achievements , grades & all relevant info in this section.

Get Quality Recommendations & skill endoresements

Always take recommendations from your direct reporting managers/ clients / team members.

Never, I say never take recommendations from a person if you have worked less than 3 months with him/her.

Here is a link to an amazing blog on how to write compelling recommendations

Hint: LinkedIn algorithm works on what you write about yourself, recommendations & endorsements you receive. It then analyzes the content for keywords. So it is critical that you have the right keywords (words in your profile).

Step 2: Write Content (Your Content !)

LinkedIn is Not a copy-paste site, when you copy something at least give the source or tag the original author.

Here is how it works.

  1. When you write content and post on LinkedIn

2. People react to your post (In Premium subscription you can check who viewed your post)

LinkedIn Post Analytics

3. Engage with your audience

Engagement is the key to Job opportunities

Start connecting with influence's in your industry.

Lets say you are software engineer, Top 3 things you should do:

i) Connect with your colleagues (this will help for reaching out to 2nd & 3rd Level connects)

ii) +1 level employee’s in your dream company, lets say you want to work for amazon, connect with senior software engineer. Engage them with your content, comment on their posts & land an interview.

4. Start commenting on posts related to your field. If it’s relevant (strictly) comment a back link to your content.

Step 3: Talk to potential employers

Employers are always looking for poeple who have a good personal brand and are approachable. Your content keeps them awake about your brand and when need arises, they usually drop you a message.

Engage well, understand the job profile & talk with the person . Getting an interaction does not guarantee a job offer. Get his email-id & send your resume with a nice personalized cover letter (write about their product and why you want to associate with their vision).


LinkedIn is a great way to engage with future employers but after first interaction, its completly your brand that will make or break the deal.

Always be upfront about your expectations and job roles while discussing the job offer. Always (I mean it) respond to your linked messages, you never know which opportunity will come from next LinkedIn connect.

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