Okay, I see what you are doing here, but why would I listen to you?
Roman Lemov

Roman, I totally understand what you’re saying. I probably should qualify myself before I write anything. But there was a reason why I didn’t.

I could have said that I grew a number of small businesses from $0 to $10K in revenue a month respectively, in less than two months. I could have pointed to those businesses, and stated, ‘look at me I’m legit’.

So what do I do? I help quite a number of people start businesses, advise them on their technical stack, revise their marketing strategy and even code parts of their application.

I wanted the blog to speak for itself. It’s not about me. You and others have no reason to trust me. But I hope moving forward, that the numbers from the businesses, that I’m starting, speak for themselves. I hope that people inherently gain trust when they see the results and the returns. Maybe they won’t, and I think that’s okay too.

Cheers mate, thanks for the comment!

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